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Helping children in Odessa Ukraine


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This Child Here is registered 501.c3 non-profit providing assistance to orphans and other vulnerable youth of Ukraine.  We design and fund programs to help children on the streets, in shelters, schools, foster and adoptive homes or orphanages, with issues of personal boundaries, addictions, self-esteem, life in community and trust. We work in the region of Odessa, Ukraine, with the aim of encouraging and motivating these youth and children to imagine a future and find hope.

Homeless children, street kids, orphans, and children without acting parents are the most unprotected segment in any society. We help the children with creativity, training and compassion. One of the organizations that help children in Odessa, most dear to our hearts, it is the shelter and charity, The Way Home. Their dance class is featured above. Here, we buy clothes and medicine, pay for dental work, support summer camp, make available a variety of after school activities for youth and children, and fund tuition and books for University. We also fund “at risk” groups in local public schools, teach parenting skills to families with foster children, train and support mentors to be matched with children in orphanages and shelters.

Peacemaking Odessa Ukraine

In May 2014, This Child Here began a new initiative with youth and adults: Peacemaking and Reconciliation. Our work ranges from care for individuals who suffered emotional trauma in the recent violence in Ukraine, to opportunities for reconciliation between those who oppose each other. But it is always work with and between persons.  The training our staff has received is Quaker based and developed from methodology of Alternatives to Violence.  We organize and manage an annual camp for refugees from Eastern Ukraine; we train teens and young adults in conflict management. We have wonderful people doing this work in Ukraine. Government agencies want us to work with them. Faith based organizations want us to work with them.  I am proud of the staff people we have and the skills they bring.

Vision, Mission and Values

Vision: The vision of This Child Here is a world of children with the support of families, a world without children living on the streets. Mission: This Child Here has a mission to guide and encourage street kids toward a life with a family, in a shelter, or orphanage, and to provide these children with the love, encouragement, life skills, and motivation to lead healthy emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual lives. Values:  This Child Here will practice accountability to the vulnerable children of streets, broken families and institutions.  Through regular newsletters, visits, and reports, This Child Here will be accountable to all sponsors, donors and grant making organizations.

Street kids, homeless children, orphans – help the children

As the Presbyterian Church (USA) is the original source of support, This Child Here will work consistently, but not solely, with congregations of the PC(USA), to seek funding and raise awareness of the problems associated with street kids and children living in shelters and Orphanages.

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Robert Gamble, Director

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This Child Here

a registered 501(C)(3) non-profit.
We fund programs designed to help vulnerable youth and children in Ukraine: on the streets, in shelters, homes or orphanages, and to help, encourage, and motivate those youth and children to imagine a future and pursue it.
Vision: This Child Here envisions a world of emotionally healthy children supported by nurturing families.

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We are grateful!!