“World Without Rage,” The Camp for Peace called White Sail

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“World Without Rage”, it reads in Russian, from the Camp for Peace, White Sail, designed and directed by This Child Here at the beach near Odessa, Ukraine.

world without rageFrom July 15-26, ten families displaced by military action from the eastern regions of Ukraine , gathered by the Black Sea for a camp they labeled: White Sail. The camp was designed and directed by Alla Soroka,Project Manager for the work of This Child Here, with the idea to create a safe space in which people can feel at ease, rejuvenate, relax, and strengthening family relationships, but the idea goes back to Soroka’s conversation with Roland A. Rand, a Quaker from Estonia with the dream of a peace camp for people in Ukraine.

Funding for the camp came from This Child Here, Presbyterian Churches (USA), British and European Quakers through Friends World Committee for Consultation – Europe and Middle East Section; and Beyond Our Borders of the Unted Methodist Church. Photos were by Oksana Harkovenko (below) Camp was held at the Recreation Centre in Syčavka just outside Odessa, Ukraine.

Below are the portraits Oksana (pictured right) made of those who attended. IMG_7033

“One evening we planned a disco, for the young, but adults came too. We had a good DJ. He made music for youth and children and it was loud. We turned off the lights so that no one hesitated to dance. We brought yellow balloons to start the fun! Children were running one after another to burst someone’s balloon; others fought with balloons like swords, dancing. When it was late, the DJ it was time to go to bed. No! the kids did not want to. So he said all must lay on the floor and now there will be something slow. We lay on the carpet in the hall. Soft music began to play; it was lyrical rap, a poem about love, difficulties, pain and life. It was quiet….. We closed or eyes, and it seemed to me that we all thought about the same things, we were good and sad at the same time. It seemed there were no adults and no children. We were all adults and children, our souls open to something that was happening, something good, something that brought us together. Then Sasha switched on the light, and all shouted at him, but he laughed and said it was time to sleep. – Alla Soroka, Camp Director  (photo below)


Alla Soroka, Camp Director

“The first few days I went into the sea, I was crying from happiness – it was precious to feel human again.” -The family Lyaschenko

“We were unique in this experience. I was glad for the time to be in the lives of these people; to be privy to such events is happiness. As a wise person once said, “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness!” We lit it together!” Alla Soroka, Camp Director.

flowerthatnever dies

The flower called: “It never dies”

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