People Change People

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Yosjik in 2005

People change people.

Not stuff, not giveaways, not blankets and candy.

Education changes people but there’s always that teacher.  

Faith changes people but who was it that led you to faith?

We have great people working for This Child Here. Government agencies want us. Faith based programs want us. The people who work for This Child Here are the best and the brightest. They are smart, committed and caring. They work out of love for what they do.

I will be traveling around, talking about vulnerable youth and children in Ukraine and our people who work with them and what we do. Below is a schedule.


Yosjik today

I first met Yosjik in 2005 when I shot the photo at the top of the page. He came to live at The Way Home, the Odessa Charity that gave me office space when I first moved to Ukraine.  They changed his life and I was glad to be a part of it. 

My Schedule:

Nov 9 Church of the Lakes, Orlando, FL
Nov 13 Port Orange Presbyterian, Port Orange, FL
Nov 16 First Presbyterian Church, Arcadia, FL
Nov 20, Collierville Presbyterian Church, Collierville TN
Nov 27 First Presbyterian Church, Fort Worth, TX

Dec 1-3 First Presbyterian Church, Farmington New Mexico.
Dec 4 Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Albuquerque,NM
Dec 11 Tigard Presbyterian Church, Portland Or.
Dec 17, 18  New Vernon, NJ and New York City

Grace and Peace,

Robert Gamble