Alla Soroka to be PCUSA International Peacemaker

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portrait by Oksana Xarkovenko

It’s Saturday, February 11th. Yulia and I are in Odessa, Ukraine where it is 18 degrees Farenheit and much of what we walk on are  sheets of ice.  We return to the states, March 27th.

The important news, though, is our Project Manager for This Child Here, Alla Soroka, has been chosen by the Presbyterian Church (USA) to be one of 2017’s twelve International Peacemakers.  Since 1984 the Presbyterian Church (USA) has hosted over 250 International Peacemakers from 60 countries, persons of deep faith with experience and proven commitment to peace and justice ministries in their communities. They have stories to share.  They “Work for healing and reconciliation in cultures of violence and brokenness,”  They “Embody and advocate for God’s vision of a just and peaceful world.*

Along with others, she will tour and speak to Presbyteries and Presbyterian Churches from September 19 – October 18, 2017.

Alla has been working for This Child Here since 2007.  She became our Project Manager in 2010.

About her work, she writes, “in the atmosphere of acceptance and freedom, participants are given the opportunity to work and deal with conflicts. I felt and realized people must appreciate each other. When they can listen to each other without criticism, when they practice these skills, they create an atmosphere of healing.”

*taken from the invitation extended to International Peacemakers

Grace and Peace,

Robert Gamble