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As fighting in eastern Ukraine has increased, the work for peace has strengthened.

Sixteen teens were chosen among hundreds who applied, to gather for three days of intensive Peacemaking Training which was sponsored paid for by the Minor Academy of Sciences in Ukraine.  Our role was in helping to lead it. For that, This Child Here joined staff  from the Quaker Program, Alternatives to Violence and fund in Kiev, Children of Hope.

In the game above, teens do a trust walk blindfolded through a course which includes objects to step over and crawl under.

Unlike most of our programs, these are the kind of youth who come from stable families and rank near the top of their class as people with bright futures. As we continue this kind of training we are building a generation of youth in Ukraine who know how to manage conflict and bring peace to places and times of violence.

Scroll down for the faces of teens and trainers for this event.