Sometimes the Past Startles and Encourages You

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Hi Robert. At last I have found you. I want to thank you for giving me the high road in life. You saved my life. In 2007, I led a not correct way of life. But I wanted to change my life and turned to you for help, for the money. You helped me, and I lied to you, I spent the money on drugs. Then again I came to you for money, “I would like to go home,” I said but have no money. Then you said to me: “.. I will give you money, but if you spend it again for drugs, we will never be friends ..” I was ashamed. I was full of shame. And I promised you to change my life. You gave me $4 for the ride. My life is worth $4.

Since then, 10 years have passed. I have my own home and family. I have a beautiful wife, I have a favorite son who is 4.5 years. I have a demanding job. I work as the chief of security at a very large company. I enjoy life and I thank you. Maybe you do not remember me, but I will always remember you, and I kept my promise.
With great respect,
(sent via messenger on facebook)
We are back in the states after seven weeks in Odessa. Winter is not really the best time to be in Ukraine. Everything we do, of course, is inside.  With homework and help in many ways, Natasha is our friend, mentor, youth worker and psychologist at The Way Home. We continue to train foster families, to train our people to work with foster families and to prepare for our mentoring program with kids in orphanages, and to plan for our Peace Camp this summer for refugees from the east.
Here is Natasha with kids at The Way Home.
 Max and I chatting with a medical student from India after my talk at the YMCA.
Kids from The Way Home taking website design class.
 A group of foster parents below trained by Arina and Ira.
 Foster Mom to be
Foster Dad talks about roots of destructive motivation: lack of patience, genetics and negative relationships with family of origin.
Our trainer Arina
Our trainer Ira and with Alla
And finally, a scene out the window of our apartment in Odessa, old buildings in the foreground, new in the distance.  Sunrise and sun’s up.
Grace and Peace,
Robert Gamble