Alla Soroka as International Peacemaker

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Sept 4-11 Central Florida, First Pres Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach Pres, Winter Park Pres, Church of the Lakes,
Sept 12 Faith Pres, Tallahassee, FL
Sept 14 Atlanta GA
Sept 15-17 Collierville/Memphis TN
Sept 22-28 East Tennessee Presbytery Alcoa, TN
Sept 28-Oct 4 Milwaukee Presbytery Milwaukee, WI
Oct 5-11 Philadelphia Presbytery Philadelphia, PA
Oct 11-16 Newton Presbytery Newark, NJ
Oct 19-22 Farmington NM .                       Oct 23-25 Chicago/Michigan City, IN
Oct 27-29 Cumberland MD
Oct 30,31 Arlington VA

Alla Soroka began her career in Peacemaking in 2005, by working as a pyschologist with the “Restorative Justice” program in the juvenile prison system of Odessa, Ukraine. Later, she was trained in the Quaker Program “Alternatives to Violence,” and became the AVP coordinator for Ukraine. In 2008, she met Robert Gamble and began working for This Child Here with street kids and by designing programs for children in orphanages and shelters.

In 2010, she became Project Manager for This Child Here and her work expanded to training foster families and children, and developing a mentoring program for children in orphanages.  When the war began in Ukraine, she began cooperative work with other Ukrainian nonprofit ministries to train youth in peacemaking skills and mindfulness. In 2015, she designed, organized and directed the first annual Peace Camp, “White Sail,” for refugee families displaced by the fighting in eastern Ukraine. The annual camp is sponsored by This Child Here, a ministry in the region of Odessa, Ukraine supported by Presbyterian Churches (PCUSA).

Dr. Robert Gamble is the former pastor of  Presbyterian Churches in Tennessee, Florida and New Mexico.  His Peacemaking work began in the mid 1980’s when he travelled to Nicaragua during that time of conflict. In 2006, he started This Child Here which is supported by Presbyterian Churches (USA) and moved to Ukraine. He serves as Executive Director.